Kamis, 14 November 2013

The Great Gorilla Run, career in London

In London the options to enjoy a holiday at any time of the year are varied and any excuse may be of interest to all tourists. This year is once again a very special race , because The Great Gorilla Run is a race in which participants must be dressed as gorillas .

Since then see gorillas running along the streets of London is a true wonder and the best of the participants is that no one can recognize and have the opportunity to run more quietly . The costume is offered to all participants once they are registered and have paid their participation in the race, which is surely one of the most interesting events for those who want to enjoy a career in London .

It's a race to be held for some time and is now one of the interesting options to enjoy an experience as it is 7 km run to be held on September 21 and is one of the sporting events of interest both for participants and for those who see the race, because it is really funny .

It's a good excuse to let go of summer and welcome the fall in London , a place where they gradually begin to lower temperatures but equally can enjoy a really interesting vacation along a weekend or the time that we can be in the resort town .

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